CKS Property Consultants has the unique position of being a real estate firm within a large and robust financial services network. Our macro understanding of the Singapore property market is synergistically combined with PhillipCapital's financial expertise to create an effective investment vehicle.


We adopt a top-down approach to property acquisition. Having the technical sophistication to analyse property transactions and trends gives us an intimate understanding of the investment landscape.


We seek to understand acquisition objectives and then source, evaluate and recommend properties that match investors' requirements. Furthermore, we can proceed to take on the daily management of our client's portfolios. With expertise gained from managing our own portfolio of properties, we look forward to helping our clients build their stable of performing properties.


Our close relationships with local financial institutions enable us to source the most cost-effective financing package for clients. In addition, we are able to recommend reliable legal services to ensure smooth execution from purchase to completion.


Through our Corporate Leasing service, we assist to lease out these properties to qualified tenants. Our wide network of corporate contacts allows us to access a potential pool of expatriate tenants.


We will arrange for regular maintenance, unit inspections and handle all documentation works on our clients' behalf. We will also furnish clients with regular accounting of revenue and operating expenses, stipulating nature of maintenance works and repairs.


Our clients will be kept up-to-date on market movements by their personal consultants, who will make investment or divestment recommendations based on investment objectives. Clients may rest assured that their investments are being well monitored, whether they be based locally or overseas.


Mr. Lee Tang Keat


Contact Number: (65) 6531 1662