No matter where you are based in our global community, Singapore remains an attractive and accessible destination for savvy investors and jet-setting revelers alike. With a stable socio-political environment, robust economy, solid infrastructure and high standards of living, education and medical care, it is no wonder that foreign buyers continue to make up a significant segment of the Singapore property market.

China Desk


Our China Desk is dedicated to providing real estate and consultation services for a growing number of clients from China. Fluent in Mandarin, our team is keenly attuned to the needs and sensibilities of the Chinese customer. Our clients include individuals who wish to relocate their families to Singapore, as well as corporate entities wishing to pursue business opportunities locally.

Indonesia Desk


Singapore’s proximity and stability have attracted many wealthy Indonesians to buy prime private properties here. We assist Indonesian clients in property acquisition and leasing, for the purposes of investment, asset diversification, and for furthering their children’s education in Singapore.

Japan Desk


We serve Singapore-based Japanese companies on all their real estate needs, ranging from housing their expatriates to sourcing for offices, factories as well as retail spaces. Increasingly, we also advise international investors interested in investing in Japan, drawing on our knowledge and experience of Japan as well as leveraging on the presence of our offices there.


Our services to foreign buyers include:

  • Conducting orientation and preview visits
    • Visits to schools and the Ministry of Education
    • Introducing clients to relevant authorities for advice on business incorporation
  • Regular updates on the property market and prevailing policies
  • Bespoke recommendations for property purchase
  • Property viewings tailored to individual needs and/or investment criteria
  • Sale and lease transactions of residential and commercial property
  • After-sales services
    • Assistance with settling in, purchase of furniture and cars, matters relating to children’s education
  • Tenant sourcing and lease management of investment properties
  • Maintenance of unoccupied real estate if the owner does not reside in Singapore