Auctioneering is an efficient method of sale that requires complex skills and keen judgment. The process is transparent and allows the value of a commodity to be determined by market forces. It is a mode of sale that is popularly utilised by listed companies for their divestment of property assets.


CKS is a pioneer in auctioneering services in Singapore. Our auctioneers are fully trained and experienced in handling this highly specialised form of marketing.


Our auction services include:

Advising on the current market value of the asset
Executing a publicity campaign using various channels such as print advertising, mailers and direct marketing
Event Planning
Obtaining a suitable venue, providing logistics support and conducting the auction event

CKS conducts auctions for a range of assets:


Real property auction

We hold property auctions that cater to financial institutions, public accounting firms, the legal fraternity and individual owners. The scope of assets covered includes residential, commercial, retail, industrial and hotel properties, as well as land parcels. We can also conduct auctions for hawker stalls, motor vehicles and charity.


Bailiff auction

We are authorized by the Subordinate Courts of Singapore to conduct bailiff sales and public auction of seized goods from debtors.


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